Global Innovation and Youth Leaders Summit

GIYLS Second Annual Virtual Summit coming to you in September! This Summit is created to be DIFFERENT with unique speakers sharing their stories, personalized small-group expert sessions, networking, panels, and more! Check it out by clicking the button below:

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Our purpose is to promote global social change through an entrepreneurial lens starting at local levels by providing youth, especially disadvantaged youth, a platform for community-based collaboration, access to resources, and idea development.



Where GIYLS is headed

We focus on entrepreneurship, education, cultural / religious tolerance, anti media falsehood, poverty eradication, innovative and sustainable ideas on economic stability, and more in low to middle income countries. To increase opportunity for those in low to middle income countries around the globe we need you to be a part of our community, and we know that once you are in, you will play a huge role.



We do what we do best, initiate social change and innovation through creativity.” Has GIYLS been a success up until this point? Let us know what you think!

Innovative ideas discussed

People influenced

Countries Affected

Our Team

Vedavyas Jampanaboyana: CEO and Co-Founder

I am a 16 year old social entrepreneur with interests revolving around helping others. More specifically, building businesses to impact the lives of people all over the world. I believes in the use of creativity and innovation to create a better future for everyone, and I hope to continue to increase my audience for social change, although it took me some time to start up. I am passionate about connecting with people, on a personal level, and focusing to help them in any way I can!

Reuben Reeves: COO and Co-Founder

Reuben Reeves is a Liberian founder and Executive Director of Rehab Africa. Reuben Started his Venture 2017 and up to this point, he impacted the lives of over 2500 youth children. He’s also a Mental Health Advocate. He loves to see the effects of his actions on his society, his country, and the world through sustainable and innovative ideas. He loves helping the less fortunate around the world! He has the dream of making sure that everyone has equal rights and opportunities no matter their color and religion!

Shraddha Subash: CMO 

I am Shraddha Subash and I am the Online Marketing and Media Specialist for GIYLS. I am a proud advocate of making a change in the community even if it’s a small step towards a larger goal. I am passionate about multitude of activities some of which include community service and Indian classical dance which I have been practicing for about 10 years. I also serve as the Secretary of Centennial Green Club where volunteer opportunities are provided for students to involve themselves in the environment and to learn how to reduce their carbon footprint for a greener future.

Manogna Jonnalagadda: Head of Public Relations

Hi! I am a cultural and social development advocate. I believe in being the change itself and to lead by example. I have many interests and participate in many activities, such as  such as tutoring underprivileged communities across the world to helping younger school children in developing science and technology consciousness through the fun experiments. In addition, I am also serving as the President of the club ‘Cen10 green’ which serves the Frisco TX USA community with activities that include effective urban waste management and Eco friendly technologies to keep the environment clean and green.


Crystal Wang: Administrative Assistant

Crystal Wang is currently a freshman at Harvard University doing a dual degree program with Berklee College of Music. At just 3 years old, Crystal started performing onstage, and has continued with singing and songwriting. She manages her independent music career and has released multiple singles and albums under her stage name “Crystal King.” She also won the US division in The Voice of China in 2017. Additionally, Crystal founded SOAR (Students for Oncological Aid and Relief), a nonprofit organization that aids cancer patients in 9 different chapters around the nation. With over 500 members and $50,000 raised, SOAR is continually expanding and looking for new ways to bring cancer relief to the next level. Crystal hopes to combine her passions of music, entrepreneurship, and social activism in her future career.

Harika Shankar: Secretary

Hi! I am Harika Shankar and I am the secretary for GIYLS. I am very passionate to advocate change around the world by taking smalls steps. I am passionate about various things such as Calligraphy, Piano, and Swimming. I also serve as the youth coordinator at the University of Colorado Health where we provide assistance for nurses and patients in the hospital.

Spotlight Event: GIYLS2020 Liberia

Do you want make a impact but lack the means of making this reality? Are there problems in your community that you want to solve but lacks the resources? Do you enjoy thinking and implement innovative and creative solutions? These are the people who attended the life changing GIYLS2020 Liberia! Over four days, we discussed real life topics with webinars, workshops, solution rooms, round-tables, speakers, and more!


Others are talking about us…

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others say about GIYLS:

“The Global Innovation and Youth Leaders Summit was a amazing experience that exposed me to my propose and how I can be involved with the change in my community.”

Participant at GIYLS2020 Liberia

“This four day event exposed me to the world’s most pressing issues and allowed us, as young people, to take pratical steps in solving these problems.”

Participant at GIYLS2020 Liberia

“I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to GIYLS for giving us the opportunity and platform to discuss problems our community faces. Huge accomplishment…”

Participant at GIYLS2020 Liberia

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