Welcome to the future, we need you to take part in the global innovation and youth leaders summit, one of the most influential summits in Africa.


We promote social change in the stemm and business fields by bringing together high school students and adults who can engage with speakers, network with others, pitch ideas for funding, attend innovative workshops, and much more. Students come from low and middle income countries around the world.


Let’s innovate and be a part of the future together, apply now! Registration closes November 24th!


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We run solely on donations and sponsors. Simply put, YOUR donation makes a huge difference to GIYLS and low and middle income countries around the globe. While encouraging a donation of $50 (USD), any donation helps our cause. We need your help! 

You will be emailed a receipt. 

We accept various forms of payment, if you would like to pay with a check, please contact info@giyls.com.